A heartfelt welcome, as noted, to bring your good will, aspiring hearts, and best thoughts to these strivings.

The Hard Nut to Crack Fellowship

Race Matters: Keeping the Faith

We the People for CONSTITUTIONAL President:
“The Citizens’ Movement to Revive the Spirit of Public Service”

The Concord Trust: Introducing Spiritually Responsible Investing

Concord: A Veritable Treasure Hunt

New World Drama: And Crown Thy Good…

Concord Resolution: The Rebuilding of Our Nation

Columbia-Sirius Enterprises: New Directions for Commerce and Culture

Dream Teams: In Service to Our Youth, the Very Future

Compassion Play: The Untold Story of the Gulf War

The Peace Maker: Franklin-Emerson Circles

Earth Scouts / Consumption Management US

The Stewardship of Our Commons

The Movement for Men’s Liberation

Institute for the Redemption of Money