FRIENDS, the Center’s research areas are noted above, beginning with the articulation of an indigenous science of the spirit, which builds on the spirited labors of Concord’s authors and kindred streams, and concludes with the unfolding drama of the Hillside Chapel: The Concord School of Philosophy & Literature, which, we suggest, represents one of the most significant chapters in America’s cultural history.

A heartfelt welcome, as noted, to bring your best thoughts,
aspiring hearts, and good will to these labors.

A Common Sense Approach to “The Commons”

Science of the Spirit: A Reasoned Faith / Faithful Reason

The Spiritual Roots of Our Land

Christology: Call Me Not Master; Call Me Friend

Holy Week Writings

Concordian Economics: An Economics of Common Sense

Friends of Rudolf Steiner, Welcome

Man and Machine: Our Humanity and Technology

The Healing of our Modern Medical Model

Hillside Chapel: The Story of the Concord School